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Zakat Information
9.2. Miscellaneous
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  • It is not permissible according to Shariah to give Zakat to a person who owns merchandise or wealth in  excess of his needs to the value of Nisab nor is it permissible for such a person to accept Zakat.
  • A person that does not own an amount equal to the value of Nisab is known as Faqir. This person could be given Zakat and it is permissible for him to accept it.
  • If a person owns wealth which in value exceeds the amount of Nisab, but this wealth is not intended for business nor does he require it for his daily needs, such a person is regarded as well-to-do and should not be given Zakat.
  • The books of a scholar or tools of a tradesman are among his necessities, irrespective of their value. Besides these if he does not own wealth equal to Nisab, he could be given Zakat.
  • When giving Zakat, Sadaqah (charity), etc., one's poor and needy relatives should be given preference. To avoid embarrassing them, it should be given to them without saying that it is Zakat or Sadaqah.
  • There is great thawab (reward) in giving Zakat to poor persons who are striving in the way of the Deen or those who are engaged in religious knowledge, or to religious institutions where poor or needy students are being cared for. Care should be taken that only such institutions are given Zakat where it is used according to the Shariah.
  • A child of a wealthy father cannot be given Zakat. When such a child becomes mature in age, and does not own wealth to the value of Nisab, he may then be given Zakat.
  • Zakat can be given to: brother, sister, nephew, niece (brothers' and sisters' children), uncle, aunt (both paternal and maternal), step-grandfather, step-grandmother, father-in-law, and mother-in-law.


9.1 Who cannot be given Zakat?
10.0 When is Zakat due?



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