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Hidaya Foundation's 2017 Accomplishments


Education Program:

No Orphan without Education: Supported nearly 9,000 orphans each month in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Guinea and Cameroon


Support Hidaya Schools: Operating 80 schools with over 10,000 students from KG – 8th grade in Pakistan


Adult Education: Educating over 1,000 non-literate male and female adults to 8th grade level in Pakistan


Support Poor Students: Supported over 10,000 students in Pakistan


Job Skills Training: Trained nearly 1,000 students in sewing and over 1,800 students in driving in Pakistan


Hidaya Institute of Science & Technology (HIST): Educated over 200 students in software development


Hidaya Institute of Farming & Agriculture (HIFA): Educated dozens of young adults in ways of cultivating the land, growing vegetables, taking care of date palm trees and mango orchards at Hidaya Garden





Social Welfare Program:


One Million Meals: Distributed dry ration packages to families in 7 different countries (Pakistan, Benin, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo), enough for well over 1,000,000 meals


Widow/Orphan Support: Supported nearly 5,000 widows and their orphaned children each month in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Guinea and Cameroon


Marriage Support: Helped 16 young couples with their marriages

Container Shipment for In-Kind Donations: Sent 29 forty ft. containers with donated goods to benefit the poor of Pakistan, worth over $530,000


Sadaqah Sacrifice: Sacrificed 2,555 goats and 178 oxen and distributed the meat to benefit tens of thousands of families in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Guinea

Aqiqah (Sacrifice for a newly born child): Sacrificed 283 goats on behalf of donors and distributed meat to benefit thousands of families


Qurbani / Udhiya: Arranged 5,200 shares of Qurbani on behalf of our donors (3,878 ox/buffalo shares, 1,322 goats/sheep) and distributed the meat to over 50,000 poor families throughout 18 countries (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Cameroon, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Togo, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Benin)


Disaster Relief: Supplied volunteer teams to aid families affected by US Hurricanes, helped rebuild homes for families affected by Bangladesh Floods, providing food, medicines, and other basic needs for Rohingya Refugees, and collected funds for families affected by Northern California fires


Kaffara: Distributed 1,154 dry ration packages to families, benefiting nearly 5,000 individuals


Fidya: Distributed over 7,710 dry ration packages to families, benefiting over 35,000 individuals


Sadaqat-ul-Fitr: Distributed 3,000 dry ration packages to families, benefiting nearly 20,000 individuals in Pakistan and Bangladesh


Car Program: Received 22 vehicles as donations and gave them away to families in need locally near our SF Bay Area headquarters





Environment Program:



Clean Drinking Water: Installed 533 Water Hand Pumps on behalf of our donors, and distributed nearly 10 million liters of water via water tanker benefiting over 100,000 people


One Million Trees: Planted nearly 20,000 seedlings


Green Energy: Running 9 of Hidaya Trust's offices in Pakistan on solar, reducing electricity costs and ensuring smoother operations during frequent power outages





Health Care Program:

Medical Assistance: Supported 230 poor patients in need by arranging more than 2,500 examinations and treatments for them








Updated on March 8, 2017.


Sitara-e-Isaar Awarded to Hidaya Foundation

Hidaya Foundation was awarded Sitara-i-Eisaar (Star of Sacrifice) by the Government of Pakistan, in recognition of the results-oriented relief efforts during the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.

Combined Federal Campaign

Hidaya Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with FEIN 77-0502583. All cash and in-kind donations are tax deductible. Hidaya puts it’s best effort to utilize the funds donated for a specific project, sometimes circumstances dictate we use funds otherwise.